18 Jul 2018
Food delivery website/app development solutions for your Restaurant
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In the digitally moving world, there is an app for everything, and further, this has lead to revolutionization in the on-demand economy.   Likewise, a major transformation has been witnessed in the way we order food

In order to save time and avoid the hassle of going out, many consumers prefer ordering food from a nearby restaurant or from an online food delivery app.

Stats and facts about online food ordering app industry.

  • As per Statistics, 10% of U.S. respondents utilize the mobile food ordering app once in a week, out of which nearly 50% likes using food delivery services.

  • Although, in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2016, the food ordering industry presented a $210 Billion market opportunity.

  • The source from Morgan Stanley reveals that the total market share of digital food delivery would increase to 11% by 2022 which accounts for 6% as of 2017.

Well, as the food delivery app development services is concerned for the restaurant, three alternatives are available depending upon the requirement of the domain.

Let's understand what are these 3 types of food ordering app development solution essential for the food ordering business.

Order-Focused Food Ordering App

The model Order-focused is based on the traditional food delivery model. The functioning of the app emphasis to bridge various local restaurants and customers together. This platform will offer access to different types of cuisines via food ordering app.

This model aims to facilitate and provide customer support for the orders.

Let’s have a look how this order-focused food ordering app work;

The customer once signs in the app, he/she have options to check and compare menus, price, reviews. After going through the preference, they can place the order. And when the order is confirmed, the food ordering app passes the order to the respective restaurant, and henceforth actual delivery is handled by the restaurant.

The restaurant is charged a fixed amount of fee for the orders placed through the app by the owner of the app; Customers do not have to pay any additional charges.

Logistics-Focused Best Food Ordering App

The logistics-focused app is designed to facilitate a proper logistic distribution to the restaurant. The app allows the customers to compare menus of various restaurants and then order according to the preferences via a single mobile app.

This means logistic-focused food ordering apps renders logistics services to their partnered restaurants, opening up an excellent opportunity for the restaurants without having any delivery services.

There are certain restaurants, that do not make the food delivery. And this type of partnership benefits both the restaurants and the logistics company as both can achieve their purpose without any hassle. The restaurant's work is simplified as they do not have to own transport or pay salaries to drivers or maintain the vehicles and similar other related tasks. The only job of these restaurants are improving quality of food, as the delivery is none of their concern, it's handled by the partner food ordering platforms.

Here, the logistics-focused food ordering platforms charge both restaurants as well as the customer on a fixed margin for every order, to compensate the delivery service cost.

Full-Service Food Ordering App

The full-service food ordering app makes the food accessible to restaurants that deliver their own food. The full-service food ordering platforms are exclusively designed for the restaurant's owners. They have their own couriers to deliver meals to their customers.

Let's see how the full-service food ordering platform works!

With the full-service food ordering platform, Customers can order their meal to be delivered. They can also schedule their meal orders according to their preferences. The full-service food ordering platforms rely on their own resources. From cooking meal to delivery.

The hassle involved makes it the less preferred option for the restaurants. Further, other survey reveals that among the various food ordering startups, the logistics-focused food ordering app comes as the most promising options.


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