21 Jul 2018
Angularjs For Real Estate Web Development
angular js development
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Real estate is a giant industry, and with digitalization and technology advancement, there exists fierce competition, which puts a huge pressure on real estate company to satisfy the users.

For instance; if someone is trying to access your real estate web application online, what is the foremost thing that will attract the users. Of course, it is user experience. If the web app offers a smooth experience, it will hold the users otherwise, in no time the users uninstall the application without giving a second thought and switch to other options instead of you.

When it comes to efficiency, AngularJS is one of the agilest platforms for the real estate website applications development.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is popularly used for front-end web development. AngularJS developed and maintained by Google aims to make the whole process of front-end web development a lot easier. Launched in the year 2012, the web application development platform is widely popular in the developer community.

AngularJs developers  prefer this framework for their front-end development

Market Trend

The wide range of benefit like simplicity in usage, attributed to AngularJs make the development process much more efficient. Further, the powerful tools available helps in seamlessly work together offering an efficiently compiled program.

Further, statistics reveal that the adoption of AngularJS for Real Estate Website Development is constantly increasing worldwide since its release. Some of the big brands like YouTube for PS3, PayPal, Netflix, and many more, using this framework for developing their websites.

The commercial real estate websites development must pose 100% custom design that can be optimized on all mobile/tablet devices and fully equipped with a comprehensive content management system (CMS).

This allows to easily add, delete or modify the content of the website with full-time access. Developers have full control to manage the website and make updates whenever required.

As we know, the real estate industry requires customized services like custom google maps, uniquely designed map markers, custom map info boxes, multiple map style themes, unique application layouts and much more to impress their users.

Revamped Design Architecture

When a web app contains excess components, it not that easy to manage the project.  However, with AngularJS managing and locating the codes for the developers becomes simple and easy. This functionality enhances the design structure of AngularJS, growing its popularity in the market.

lssist Code Reusability

Reuse the codes and the components which might have already written for the applications developed before. With this remarkable and distinctive feature, developers prefer to use AngularJS development.

Auto-magical Plug and Play

One of the interesting feature incorporated in AngularJS makes it helpful for the developers to add existing components in any new application, simply copy and past the component into the newer. All assets are then, transferred automatically.

Rapid Application Development

The MVC architecture offered by AngularJs speed up the application development, testing, and the maintenance, which increases the productivity of the developers in term of quality and efficiency.

Handling Dependency

AngularJS is recognized for handling dependencies in two areas namely testing and Single Page Application (SPA) design. Coupling the feature with MVC architecture, application development can be done rapidly.

Transfer the controls are Simple

Directives offer liberty to the developers to experiment with HTML & attributes. This makes web development process responsive and dynamic. The developers can then test, construct and inject or do just anything which comes to their mind.

Helps Manage State and Circumstances

It allows the developers to manage the properties in a very efficient manner by giving permissions, and other major as well as minor concerns across the application

Other benefits:

  • Two Way data binding

  • Custom Widgets

  • Eases Testing

  • REST friendly application framework

  • Less code

  • Reusable HTML components

  • Dependency injection

  • MVVM and MVC design pattern

Using AngularJs, jumpstart your next directory listing or real estate website development. We have mentioned some of the key features of AngularJS that make it the best for web development.


Whether you simply need a custom widget or an interactive dashboard, the AngularJS Development Services catered by Root Info Solutions is exclusively designed to fit in the requirement of the clients. Our aim lies to develop user-friendly real estate websites that are optimized for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and on any device.

As we know mobile phones vary from user to user, hence the web app should be designed to make fully responsive and automatically adapt to the size of the screen it is viewed on. Therefore, on whatever device it will be used – it will look perfect.

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