18 Jul 2018
Worrying About Your Travel: 5 Apps To Manage Languages And Expenses
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Posted By Rootinfosol

Today travel trends are on the boom, and so as the travel app development industry. These travel apps are great in demand because of the convenience and ease it provides during the trip. A wide range of travel apps is available like Maps for Navigation, Language translation app, Hotel booking Apps, flight booking apps and so on.  

From planning the route or making an organized and hassle-free stay or to manage the travel task, these app helps the users to enjoy the most stress-free trip ever possible


It is surprising to note that, over 70 million people are registered with Duolingo. It is a free and incredibly well-designed language learning app. Well, not a complete replacement for proper language tuition, but the app is a fun way to get the basics.  It makes users updated on grammar and vocabulary, before a trip abroad. Similar to a computer game, the app guides going through certain levels needed to complete before advancing. Gradually users can gain experience points along the way. This helps to smoothen the travel at the foreign land or places with different language.

Google Translate

Google translator - one of the very essential tool, offering support to serious language learning. It can be seen as a great tool on a practical level also, as it helps in quickly translating day-to-day words that come across on your travels. For instance, You can type in language and  Google will translate it for within seconds. It is a crucial app for any traveler.


Abukai is available in different formats to ideally suit corporate expense requirements. Moreover, it also offers personalized features for companies, such as designing specialized reports and forwarding to suitable staffers.


This is a cloud-based expense tracker and reporters that offers both personal and business versions with a variety of feature sets, allowing the users to track and maintain all the expenses in an organized manner.


This uses flashcards as the basis to initiate learning. For instance; a user can select the number of flashcards they are willing to work with, then starts to Listen and Pronounce, Memorize and Write.

Perfectly designed for user’s self-evaluation, as of how well they have memorized the all flashcard material selected for that learning period. One of the most essential benefits of MosaLingua is, it moves in a systematic manner, like from 1 lesson to another. And allows digging around in various categories, ensuring your own learning


Nowadays, mobile app development company is focusing to develop a free and incredibly well-designed travel app that meets the requirement of travelers during the official or personal trip. Both iOS and Android app developers look forward to developing intriguing apps that accompany traveler to manage expense and fight language barrier.